About Offerbot

About Offerbot

We are a team of professionals, dedicated to making the real estate transaction better, easier, faster, and more economical for all parties involved! We strive to create the best real estate experience possible for buyers, sellers, agents, and service providers, so that homes throughout the world can be bought and sold in a much easier, much more transparent way. If there's anything that you see that can add to our mission, "Real Estate Done Better", then please bring it to our attention, and we look forward to providing the best user experience possible!

Buyers, Sellers, Agents, and Service Providers All Agree

OfferBot Home Buyer

"In a few minutes we had our offer in front of the seller, and received a counter offer. We countered back, and received a text message when the owner accepted."

Samantha , San Diego, CA

OfferBot Home Seller

"We put our house in OfferBot, and directed people in Zillow on where to make an offer. We got a text when we received an offer from a family during our open house."

Jill & Joe, San Jose, CA

OfferBot Real Estate Agent

"All of my listings go in OfferBot. I never have to worry about missing emails with offers, and the Sellers get notified via text when we receive an offer on their property."

Susan, San Francisco, CA