Mobile Real Estate Offers

By Admin (2 years ago)

When time is of the essence, you want to be able to do anything from anywhere...

Real estate is competitive, and there are plenty of stories that demonstrate just how powerful it is to be the first offer on a  property. By receiving a response from the seller, you control your own destiny when attempting to purchase a home. By coming in second place, you may miss that one opportunity to purchase the perfect property at the perfect price.

OfferBot is the ideal platform for getting your offer to the seller within seconds. There's no need to complete a complicated purchase agreement until all of the terms are agreed upon. Submit your offer, get a response, negotiate the terms and then go to contract, all from your mobile phone.

Buyers and Sellers love the platform, and thousands of real estate agents are jumping on board to help give their clients a huge advantage over the competition... Speed! Prepare and Submit and Offer in SECONDS... Have your lender upload Full Loan Approval, and get the seller's accpetance before anyone else even knows the property is available. Sellers can receive multiple offers, negotiate with each one individually, and accept the highest and best offer. The Dashboard provides the perfect enviornment for everyone to collaborate in real-time. No need to wait hours or days to hear back from a buyer or seller.

Lenders, Escrow Officers, and Title Representatives can all upload and message the parties involved with the transaction, creating a speedy acceptance an sale. All of the documents required by all parties can be shared and what better way to review Inspections and Disclosures.

If you're looking for a fast and easy way to get your real estate offer accepted, login today, it's free!

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