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By Admin (2 years ago)

First there was mail, and then there were fax machines, after which came email, and finally there is OfferBot: the fastest and easiest way to get your real estate offer sent, received, and accepted!  OfferBot solves several problems that relate to current real estate transactions.

First, there is the issue of communicating your offer, from buyer to seller, usually involving a real estate agent representing one or both parties. The previous method for sending an offer took several hours, if not days, for an agent to type an offer on a purchase agreement, get the buyer pre-approved for the purchase from a lender, determine how to get the offer to the seller or listing agent, and then to confirm that the offer was received.  With OfferBot, either the buyer or agent can prepare, submit, and notify the lender in minutes.  Best of all, the buyer and agent are notified when the offer is received and reviewed by the seller.  Everything can be accomplished quickly and easily on a mobile device, and notifications are received via email or SMS message.

Second, there is the issue of sending a counter-offer which may take several hours for the seller and/or listing agent to prepare and present. With OfferBot, the counter-offer takes a few seconds and both parties are notified when the counter offer is received and reviewed.  Each party can submit multiple counter offers until there is an acceptable offer, or neither party can reach a compromise.  The process can be accomplished within minutes, not days.

Third, there is transparency in the entire process. Buyers, Sellers, and Service Providers all collaborate and can view when an offer is prepared, presented and accepted.  Lenders can provide instant pre-approvals to inform the seller that the buyer is qualified to purchase.  Title Representatives can present reports to inform the buyer that the seller owns the home and that there are no unwarranted liens on the property.  Inspectors can provide home, pest, and other reports to eliminate any uncertainties and increase the value of the property.

Fourth, all parties can be assured that they are dealing with buyers and sellers that have been fully vetted and their identities have been confirmed prior to the transaction. When an offer is accepted, the closing company or attorney will receive all of the contracts and people involved in the transaction and be able to close the transaction much more efficiently.

As we quickly approach 2020, isn’t it time to look back at the past and wonder why the real estate transaction can’t be completed from your mobile phone?  With OfferBot, we’re making real estate a little better, one offer at a time.


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