OfferBot provides the ability to negotiate and accept offers online, and can be used with the help of a real estate professional or if you are selling by owner. Inform potential buyers to submit their offer on OfferBot, and you, your spouse, your agent, and anyone you invite to the transaction can help with loan pre-approvals, negotiations, disclosures, and accepting the highest and best possible offer. Setup the SMS feature to text you when an offer is received, and you can respond to it in seconds. Have your trusted loan officer approve potential buyers to ensure that you know they have a valid offer that can close the sale. Title representatives can provide preliminary title reports and disclosures directly to potential buyers, and you can even provide a home warranty plan to demonstrate that you are providing a home that should sell for top dollar. OfferBot allows you to take care of everything regarding the offer process, and best of all, it's FREE for all Sellers!


If you're attempting to purchase a home, there's no better place to go than OfferBot! If you're working with a real estate professional, you both can collaborate and submit the offer together, along with your desired lender. You can see immediately when the offer is reviewed by the Seller and receive an email or text message when the offer is countered or accepted! If you've ever attempted to submit an offer on a home, you know that it can be frustrating and time consuming, but not if you use OfferBot. And it's FREE for all buyers, so don't wait, submit and get your offer accepted today!

Listing Agents

How do you currently receive offers? Fax, email, possibly an online proprietary system that doesn't allow collaboration? Why not get offers delivered directly to you (or your assistant) via email or text message? Better yet, why not also notify the seller that there's an offer that just came in via text? With OfferBot, that's all possible, and more. Negotiate, counter, require lender pre-approval, and provide documents and disclosures - all by using the online platform. Scared that the seller might get a low-ball offer, then just set the minimum offer value to only allow offers above a certain value. The best attribute for a listing agent is that Buyers can easily and quickly submit offers directly to you, there's no need to use another agent, and that allows you to potentially earn more commissions. Try OfferBot for FREE, and utilize the premium services in order to unlock more features.

Buyer's Agent

There's no need to get frustrated any more by submitting an offer and getting no response... With OfferBot, you are notified immediately when the listing agent and seller has received and reviewed your offer. It takes a few seconds to submit an offer, and you can attach all documents required. Even invite your lender to provide a loan pre-approval. Negotiate the entire transaction online, without having to send documents for signatures. When the purchase agreement is accepted, upload all of the documents, deliver the deposit to escrow, and close! OfferBot is FREE for agents, and you can unlock the premium features by subscribing. OfferBot is truly the fastest and easiest way to get your offer accepted!

Service Providers

Why should you use OfferBot...? Two words, "More Business!" You struggle each day to get in front of real estate agents and to get included in their transactions. Well, wouldn't you love to be included in all of their transactions and allowed to upload your documents directly to the buyers and sellers in those transactions? OfferBot allows you to! Lenders can pre-approve buyers directly through the platform. Title Agencies can provide reports and disclosures. Inspectors can provide reports. It's all simple, easy, and ensures that you're going to get credit when the transaction closes. Is there a cost, well yes there is, but it's extremely affordable at only $99 per month. Basically, you are subsidizing the transaction, and allowing more buyers, sellers, and agents to complete more sales. In return, you are garnering more clients and closing more sales. Will you be able to close more title orders, escrows, loans, etc? Yes, you will - let's get started!

Buyers, Sellers, Agents, and Service Providers All Agree

OfferBot Home Buyer

"In a few minutes we had our offer in front of the seller, and received a counter offer. We countered back, and received a text message when the owner accepted."

Samantha , San Diego, CA

OfferBot Home Seller

"We put our house in OfferBot, and directed people in Zillow on where to make an offer. We got a text when we received an offer from a family during our open house."

Jill & Joe, San Jose, CA

OfferBot Real Estate Agent

"All of my listings go in OfferBot. I never have to worry about missing emails with offers, and the Sellers get notified via text when we receive an offer on their property."

Susan, San Francisco, CA